After 25+ years of working as a mobile butcher, Mark knows how to get the best meat at the right price so if you fancy saving money come and visit one of our sites.

SOME OF OUR DEALS (subject to change - please check Facebook for this week's offers)

Beef mega deal
Family joint of beef and 5 steaks rrp £40 
our price just £20

Pork mega deal
2 pork crackling joints and 12 to 15 pork steaks 
all this for just £20

Breakfast Pack

One pack of 900g bacon and 2 packs of sausages for just £10
Sausage flavours include: Farmhouse, Cumberland, pork and Apple, pork and black pudding, Old English, pork, chilli & garlic, Brazillian and extra lean.


Beef and Steaks

4 sirloins £10 or 10 for £20
Rump 3lb £10 or 3kg £20
2lb ribeye steaks £10 or 5lb £20
Family beef joints from £10
Best lean stewing steak 3lb for £10
Brisket of beef great slow roast £2.50 per lb 
2 x 1kg 5% fat lean steak mince £12


7lbs of lamb chops £20, 3lbs for £10 (minted if you want) 
Legs of lamb from £12
Lamb steaks 2lb for £10

Joints of pork from £6
Pork steaks 12 to 15 £10
4 x pork tenderloins £10
5lb belly pork £10


2kg chicken breasts £10, 5kg for £20
2.5kg bone-in thighs £5
3 x Whole chickens £10

Bacon £5 small £10 large
Sausages 2 packs for £6

Horseshoe gammon from £20
Black pudding large £3 

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